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BJ's Doors & Windows is proud to offer a variety of quality windows to suit your needs. With extensive selections, we give a hand to creating the perfect fit for your home. 

Manufacturer Premium Windows & Doors
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* Images from Premium Windows and Doors 

What We Offer: 

Single Hung

Type of window with a low sash with an upper fixed sash. The bottom of the slides up provides natural ventilation through the bottom while the top part of the window stays stationary. 

A Display of a Single Hung Windows

Double Hung

Double Hung Windows has two sashes that slide up and down. The bottom and top sash provide natural ventilation. Double-hung provides comfortable openings for cool and hot air. 

Awning & Casement Windows  

Type of Window with an outward swing, one or more hinges are placed on top of the frame. They can open with a crank handle or slide with slide operating hardware. They are great for extra ventilation, natural light, and preventing rain. 

Awning and Casement Window one of the styles we offer
Type of Window BJ's Offer, Double Hung Window

Picture Windows  

Picture Window is a non-operational window with no operable opening handles, hinges, or hardware. It brings natural light while being closed to the outside environment. Picture Windows are great for a clear view of the outside, like a picture frame. 


Glass Types:


Picture Windows and Fixed Windows is the window type we offer
  • Nail on 

  • Block 

  • Retrofit 

  • Clear 

  • Low E

  • Obscure 

  • Tempered 

  • Almond 

  • White

  • Bronze 


At BJ's Doors & Windows, we offer installations of different types of windows. Including delivery and supply of windows on new construction and retrofit. Check out our manufacturer and see the products we offer. 

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