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BJ's Doors & Windows is efficient on installation, prepare and customization of Exterior and Interior Doors. We provide delivery to your home. We assist customers with the best fit of doors for their homes. 

Types of Doors 

Bypass Door 

Bypass doors are a type of door that can be manufactured in any style. It is often used in closets to have a wide opening for easier access to clothes or a room. Bypass Door hardware allows for a door to slide in front of the other into a room or in a closet. It is mounted into a track for it to have an overlap once opened. ​

Folding Door 

A type of door in which it can open by folding back in panels. Doors are installed by a single track hanging on top of the head of the door opening. Folding doors can be made of a variety of materials, frames can be made of wood, aluminum, or uPVC (polyvinyl chloride) a plastic product. A bifold door is one of the types of doors we offer. 

Pocket Door

Is a type of Sliding Door, when opened it slides into a compartment in the adjacent wall. Pocket doors are hollow from the inside to have easier access to slide in along a track that is mounted inside the wall. It is homeowners' and designers' favorite for its save space. Pocket doors come in plywood, solid wood, glazed wood, or tempered glass.  

Pivot Door

A Pivot door is a swinging door that rotates on a central vertical axis. The mechanism of pivot doors allows the door to swivel hiding any hinges with soft closing, it allows for the interior and exterior to blend having open space. It is available in large sizes compared to hinged traditional hinged doors. 

Here are a few of the doors we offer at BJ's Doors & Windows, we will assist you with the choices you make. 
We have more services to offer at your disposal. 




We supply Moulding for your home, including we offer deliveries and installation or in-store pickup. 

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We provide Hardware for your Doors and can do a service of Hardware installation after a Doors installation.

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What We Offer

Door Systems 

We Supply and do Installation on:

Exterior & Interior Doors 

  • Bypass

  •  Bifold

  • Louver

  • Mirrors Doors 

  • Fire rated Doors  

  • Molded- Shaker Panel Doors 

  • Vinyl 

  • Fiberglass 

  • Metal 

  • Patio Sliding Doors 

  • French- Style Doors 

We do installations on Retrofit, Replacement, and New Construction, this includes on Commercial or Residential.

We specialize in Folding Door Systems, Custom Preparations and Installations. 

Side Services 

Bring Doors to our shop and will personally prepare them. We install Door Jambs, Boreholes into the doors for Hinges and Doors stop where we can also supply. We provide Moulding and Hardware of your choice, visit our manufacturers to see what we offer. 

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